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The door was installed on the
and wires running down the
starboard side.  
How do I install a transom door?  
How do I install a scuba door?
How do I install a fishing door?
How do I install a handicap access door?
I cut a 42" door in the port side of a boat.  
The corners of the door were
cut with a hole saw to eliminate
90 deg. corners.  This reduces
The inside view of the boat.
Cutting inside liner
The liner was cut using a
straight edge and a jig saw.  
(Save all fiberglass, it could
come in handy later. )
Scuba / work door taking shape
The hull was cut using the same
method as the liner.
The cuts were pretty straight
and the liner was even with the
hull.  The rub rail was a pain
Cutting hull
Framing the rough cut
knife produced my paterns.   
Wood was cut and fit in place.