Bottom paint      
stripping on a     
26' Mako  
Step one:  

Grind bottom
paint off using
special equipment
and experience.    
Step two:  

Sand bottom to
perfection, apply
barrier coat and  
Micron CSC
bottom paint.  

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32' Trojan
30' Monterey
33' Larson
Bottom Paint:   Call (401) 965-5025
Scott's Boat Service
Over the past 18 years we've bottom painted power boats, sail boats, boats on trailers and
brand new boats at your local boat dealer.  We can properly bottom paint your boat too!  We
use only                         dustless sanders connected to high volume vacuum cleaners.  
There's nothing better for your boat or the environment!

In our below prices, we provide all painting materials including sand paper, paint brushes,
paint rollers, roller frames, paint trays and paint suits but we DO NOT provide the bottom
paint.  You're welcome to supply your own or purchase it from us at a discount.
Insured & Professional
In business since 1991
Porter Cable
When your boat bottom has more chips than a good chocolate chip cookie, strip it!  There
are many reasons why boat bottoms go bad and when they do, call SBS!  We've stripped
plenty of hulls for plenty of reasons over the past 15 years.

The best time to strip a boat bottom is winter.  After everyone, including yourself, has their
boats wrapped up tight, it's time to let the bottom paint fly and the hull dry!

Pricing for bottom paint stripping varies from
$20/ft to $30+/ft.  Some factors that will
determine the cost are: size of boat, type of paint on the bottom, number of paint layers,
numbers of chines and location of boat.  Call SBS for a free quote!  
Barrier coating your boat bottom increases it's value, fights blistering and greatly aids
paint adhesion.  No one wants to see blisters on their boat bottom so the sooner you deal
with it, the better!  

The best time to inspect for blisters is when the boat is hauled.  Blisters can actually
disappear in a day or two only to reappear when the boat is returned to the water.  Blisters
can look as innocent as small spider cracks in the bottom paint.  Call SBS for a free quote!
TO     20'
$11.00 / FOOT
21' -  25'
$12.00 / FOOT
26' -  30'
$14.00 / FOOT
31' -  35'
$15.00 / FOOT
36' -  40'
$16.00 / FOOT
** Add $40 if boat is sitting on a trailer.  
After one full season this is what the
bottom paint looked like!
If your boat is under 21 feet or so, SBS
can remove it from the trailer to paint
under the rollers or bunks.    

If your boat has never been bottom
painted and is bare fiberglass, call
SBS!!  We'll paint it right!
SBS Power washes!
After three seasons this is what the
bottom paint looked like!
paint removal / stripping.